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Learning Disorders

Collaboration spéciale, Mont Notre-Dame 18 janvier 2020

Projet personnel de Laurianne Beaulieu, élève de 5e secondaire

Dans le cadre de mon projet personnel, j’ai décidé de vous parler des troubles d’apprentissages, car ce sujet me tient à coeur et plusieurs personnes ne connaissent pas ces troubles. Alors, au lieu de présenter mon projet personnel en classe, j’ai eu l’idée de le présenter sous la forme d’un article. Bonne lecture!

Over the years of your school life, you might have seen someone with a laptop in an exam or with extra time or even someone who needs special treatments to get through the school year. These people have a thing called a learning disorder. It messes with their learning which is why they need special treatments to help them succeed. In this text, I will explain what can cause learning disabilities, how they diagnose the disability and explain the different types.

Source : National Human Genome Research Institute

Firstly, there’s a lot of medical reasons or situations that can cause a child to gain the disability. For the medical reasons, it might just be genetic or chromosomal abnormalities, lack of oxygen at birth, or a premature birth. For the plights, a car accident, child abuse, drinking while pregnant, or contact with damaging things like radiation can cause a learning disability.

Secondly, trying to figure out if your child has a LD is difficult, but talking to a doctor who will suggest some specialists to evaluate your child will definitely help. They start by giving your child two tests: an IQ and a standardized achievement test (reading, writing and arithmetic). The majority of children have a normal, an average or above-normal IQ, but they might not show that in the standardized achievement test. Which is why you need to keep an eye on the person.

Thirdly, I’ll explain the most common learning disabilities. Let’s start with the one you see the most in class, dyslexia. This disorder affects the spelling and the writing, that’s why a classmate needs a laptop or an audiobook to make sure they can understand. It’s very different from person to person, but it also can affect their decoding, recalling and language-based processing skills. The second is the most common one, it’s called dysgraphia. It affects the writing of the person. This consist of difficulty of writing and thinking at the same time and inconsistency in spacing. People who are affected by this disorder have a laptop so that they can understand their own writing and their teachers can understand it too. Last, but not least, this learning disorder has to do with math. Dyscalculia affects the understanding of math facts and numbers, along with memorizing the numbers, counting and telling time. Moreover, some people think that ADHD is a learning disorder, but it’s a behavioral disorder. Most of the time, it will appear alongside the learning disorder and will also mess with the learning. There’s a lot more disorders out there but these are the are the most frequently seen.

In conclusion, these people have been through a lot, as well as their family. Never judge someone when they need more help than others or have different treatments from the teachers. They’re really nice and passionate about lots of things and their disability doesn’t affect their personality. 

Collaboration spéciale Mont Notre-Dame